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        The corporation is the unigue key state enterprise in china to design and manufacture industrial steam turbine with non-standard means according to customers' needs,also the second batch of the state technologic center of the enterprise. The corporation has the post-doctoral workstation, the institute of industrial steam turbine, the institute of computer application, the metrological testing center, the monitoring room for the testing of the steam turbine and the high-speed dynamic balance lab.

        The company pays great attention on the technological innovation and self-research and development of new products. Since 1989, the company has successfully developed boiler water supply pump steam turbine of 300 MW, 600MW used in power station. The corporation has also designed the steam turbines used in 2, 500 cubic meter furnace blower, gas-steam combined cycle plant, 48,000 cubic meter large scale air separator, double pressure-compensating for surplus heat of cement kiln, "three kinds of ethylene machines" and so on, which have been awarded for manytimes the state technological advanced prizes, and have filled quite a few technical vacancies in china. In particular, the successful development of "three kinds of ethylene machines", ended the history of large scale ethylene plant depend on import in a long term, and contribute for the rise of national industry.

        Its HTC-CIMS, computer network system and BOM are the strong technical support for the producing management and technical development of the fast-growing enterprise. As aresult, the corporation is listed as the model one for its outsanding application of information not only on the municipal level and provincial level, but also on the state level.