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       Welcome to HTC!

       At the foot of the Banshan Mountain there is a place called Huilong ( which means the revolving dragon ). The old legend goes that a huge dragon, which rises from the tidal bores of the Qiantang River, is to rush to the Taihu Lake. Failing to tell the flowing clouds from the running sand, the huge dragon col- lides with the Banshan Mountain. In order to find a way ore, the dragon keeps attacking the mountain. As a result, the red color of the soil is said to be the blood trace.However ,instead the Banshan mountain being collided down. the dragon has to fly over again and again to elbow the way to the Taihu Lake. Hence the name Huilong. Nowdays, another huge dragon has risen up into the sky. Its name is called Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co.Ltd. .